And Beyond!

Pioneering Potential, Forging New Habits, and Shaping Reality in Your Post-Trauma Life

Living in Different Worlds: Why White People Will Never Fully Understand Racism

By Rebecka Eggers | June 8, 2020

Our shared outrage leads many white-skinned people to believe that we now have a shared basis for understanding racism. Find out why this is VERY wrong.

How to Be Happier in Troubled Times

By Rebecka Eggers | November 11, 2019

Once you achieve this level of personal coherence and life authorship, you then reach the point at which you the portal. You become the doorway through which others can seize the opportunity and the invitation to change.

You become an atmosphere changer, a sniper systematically eliminating the old realities of trauma-based living, first for yourself, and then for those around you.